Friday, November 9, 2012

EPIC Saran Wrap Mani.......FAIL

A few of us decided we would do a Saran Wrap Mani for this Saturday.  You should check everyone's out:

Polish Me Please
The Nail Polish Enthusiast
Lacquer Lad

I may have forgot some, I did I'm so sorry and I will update this as soon as I figure it out.

Now on to my mani....

Warning: Disasticure
NOTE: I did not come up with this term, Polish Me Please and The Little Canvas did.

I have been thinking about what to do with this mani for a week now.  I had lots of time to figure out what I wanted to do and what colors to use.  Yeah, in my brain this mani was going to be AMAZING!

It was going to have a pretty red base color, OPI - Ali's Big Break, with a black top color applied with saran wrap.  It was also going to have an accent finger on each hand w/ half red and half black, with red glitter on top of the accent.  Sound awesome?  Hell yeah!  I thought this was going to look great.  Well, guess what..... It didn't look nothing like it looked in my head.  Disasticure in full effect!!!!

The red base was awesome.  I should have stopped there.  OPI - Ali's Big Break is a shimmery red.  The black that I used is China Glaze - Liquid Leather a really awesome black creme. I made a mess all over the place and clean up took nearly an hour, I didn't want to get polish or acetone on my phone so I don't have pics of all the stages.....

The red, 1 coat prior to clean up....

This one is partial clean up I literally had black all over my fingers...

I messed up thumbs on both hand and tried to fix it by adding more black, which made it look like crackle...

The next few are after clean up, I kind of gave up on it because I was defeated.

My ring fingers were supposed to be accents, and you cant even see it.....  FACEPALM!!!!

Long storie short.  I feel like I messed this up.  I was down on myself at first, but this is my second attempt at a saran wrap mani.  I have only been painting my nails for a little over a month now.  I have lots to be proud of...

1- I am getting pretty good at painting my nails and clean up, compared to what it was, thisis tones better.
2- I have made so many friends, this last month.  The kindness that you all show blows me away.  The nail polish and beauty blogging community it amazing!
3- My polish stash is growing!
4- I am learning hints and techniques on how to become a better polisher and blogger.

Let me now some of your disaticure stories.  



  1. HEY! This is a million times better then my first saran wrap mani! I think you should be really proud of this because I think it looks awesome :) The colors didn't even muddy together like mine did LOL!

    1. Thank you! I really had a different idea on what it would look like

  2. Oh Wes, I am very sorry you feel so upset by this. But good on you for finding positives to be proud of))) I once spent 6 hours creating a design for a special occasion, only to completely ruin it while getting dressed((( ended up going naked lol

    1. I liked it, but I thought it would look so much better! I'm normal down on it now, I just have high expectations

  3. Lol, you saw my disastrous mani last night.... that's how we learn! Yours isn't even that bad, if we all got it exactly how we wanted every time, we wouldn't have any of those 'accidentally awesome' mani's, and they're the best kind! x x x

    1. You're right. I just thought it would look so much awesomer

  4. This isn't a disasticure! It's just disappointing to have an idea in your head and it doesn't come out as planned - but it's still a good mani in its own right :)

  5. Hi Wes! I found your blog via Fitzy of Laquer lad, and I'm so glad I did! You rock, your blog rocks, and I'm so following you!
    I've started my blog a month ago today, and I feel like you, so comfortable in the polish community (which rocks so hard!!!)
    oh, and don't worry about this mani, in a month time you'll look back and laugh about it

  6. Hi there! Found your blog through One Gentʻs Ten and I have to say that Iʻm loving all the different stages of your journey into life as a polish-wearing guy. Bravo!

    I must also agree with a lot of the comments above: I love how this turned out, very vampy and kind of a cool spatter effect. Makes me think of the promo shots for Dexter ;)

    As far as "disasticures" go, my worst was an attempt to get all complex nail-artsy (I tried to create something reminiscent of Aliceʻs costumes from Tim Burtonʻs Alice in Wonderland) and ended up with nails that looked like kindergarten finger paint class. LOL. This is when I learned one of my cardinal rules of nail polishing: Glitter Polishes Cover A Multitude Of (Application) Sins.

    1. I'm glad you found my blog. After I think about it's not bad,just not as awesome as I imagined in my head.