Monday, October 29, 2012

Holy Nail Mail Batman!!!

Hello Ladies and Gents-

I thought I would share my slowly growing stash.

These are all of my polishes.  I am at 25 bottles of polish, this is very small compared to most, but this is only at about a month and a half. You can find my spreadsheet here My Stash.

Here is a pic:

Now, onto the real reason for this post.  I have officially experienced my first and second nail mail. Receiving these packages BLEW me away.

This first pic is of some polishes that Amanda from The Nail Polish Enthusiast sent to me.

This was my first nail mail.  I was overwhelmed.  I knew the package was coming. Amanda is having a blog sale, which you should go check out, so I ordered some polishes, and this amazing woman sent me surprises.  It choked me up so bad.  I damn near cried.  I had a lump in my throat for probably an hour and fought back tears.  I was excited and happy and touched by the thoughtfulness Amanda put into this nail mail.

The colors:
China Glaze Blue Year's Eve
Amour Black Glitter
Loreal VIP Status
Zoya Breezi
Love and Beauty Light Grey
Zoya Loredana Matte

If you haven't seen Amanda's blog, go check it out.  Her swatches are great, and they inspire me to paint my nails better.  She is the reason I now have glitter obsession.  She is one hell of a nice chick!

This next pic are some polishes that Mary from My Numerous Diversions sent to me.

This was my second nail mail and I was just as excited to receive this one.  When I picked the package up from the post office, I was giddie because this package was a complete surprise to what was going to be in it.

When I opened this package in my truck at the post office, I cried, hard.  Call it happiness, being excited, I was touched.  Mary sent me candy and lots of polish and yes, that is a holo in the middle there.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know I really dig holos and this was my first one.

The colors:
Gosh Holographic Hero
Gosh Galaxy
Joe Freshes:
Sweet Tart

I dont want to come across as bragging, but these two amazing women, along with the countless others I have met in the nail polish community have made my freaking year!

Guys, don't be scared to paint your nails and show people or be scared to meet others that love nail polish.  This has been the best experience of my life.

Until my next post, I will be wearing GLITTER!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ever gotten a bottle of polish without a brush?

Not a long post tonight.  I was going to swatch this awesome Sinful Colors Blue with a Blue glitter on top.  I open this bottle and look, NO BRUSH!  It is brand new and its gloopy too.  Ruined my night.  I should have more posts coming up.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

How about an accent?

Two posts in two days!!!  

I have always like accents.  I dig Irish and Australian accents the most!  So awesome!

If I could meet a woman that had one of these accents = SWOON!

But todays post isn't about accents as in speaking accents, it's about nail accents.  I have spent so many hours looking at pics on blogs, Twitter and Pinterest.  My new nail obsession is accent nails.  They look so cool.   

Before you say only girls do that, stop!  Dudes can rock the accent nail as well.  Check the swatches!

Pardon my terrible polish skills. I'm learning. 

The grey is China Glaze Stone Cold.  It is a pretty awesome shimmery matte polish.  The red is Revlon Red, same color I'm wearing on my toes.  Let me know what you think.

You should try this, I bet you get nothing but positive comments!


Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hello!  Man it's been a long week, but a good one.  My twitter follower count has passed 100 followers!  My blog page views has passed 450.  I have met so many WONDERFUL women that have been nothing but nice to me on twitter.  If you aren't on twitter you are missing out for sure.

Check out my blogroll ---->

These ladies are awesome!

I made a trip to Ulta this week and came home with 4 new polishes.

Dark Blue - Ulta Professional Joined at the Hippo
Red - Revlon Red
Shimmery Black - China Gaze Stone Cold
Light Blue - Sinful Colors Why Not from Walgreens

I was a little afraid to go into Ulta at first.  I really dont know why.  The ladies that work there are all so nice and helpful.  Answered my questions and didn't seem to skip a beat.  I will be shopping there again fo sho!  Someone on Twitter said it is like heaven with $$$$ everywhere and they are right.  I wanted to spend my whole paycheck on polish!

I can't wear nail polish at work, because " Men aren't supposed to wear or like nail polish, it's for girls" I can't explain how much this comment pisses me off!  So I have to have naked nails during the week.

I went Thursday to get a Spa Pedi, everyone needs to be pampered every now and then.  I love how relaxing a pedicure is.  It made my week!  I had the nail tech paint my toes with the Revlon Red.

I have always like red nail polish on a woman because it made their feet and hands look sexy! Well it made my manly, ugly feet look better as well.  ( sorry to those of you that dont like feet)

I really dig Revlon.  I know its a well know brand thats why I picked it up.

(yeah I have ugly feet)

I really think it makes my ugly feet nicer.  What do you think?

Now, for my mani.  I decided to wear the Ulta Professional Joined at the Hippo.  This polish is a super dark blue.  (my favorite polish color right now).  It's a nice creme polish, and really draws attention to your hands.  It is pretty thick but I am wearing 2 coats and a topcoat as well, I don't know the name of the topcoat.  I definitely recommend picking it up if you like blue polishes.  Now to the pics!

I hope to start posting swatches more often.

I really would like to hear from you.  Please hit me up on twitter @polishmemanly

Lastly, I have to say thank you to those wonderful women I was talking about earlier.  All of the supportive comments and helpful advice really means a lot to me!  You all have made my year!  I can't explain the gratitude I have for all of you.

Guys if you are still hesitant to paint your nails, take my advice.  DO IT!  There is nothing to be afraid of and the ladies dig nail polish.  It makes you have something in common with them.  You can still be manly and paint your nails.  I am.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

I deserved a Pedicure

Not much to post today however I got a pedicure today. Here are some iPhone pics.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest post on One Gent's Ten

I did a guest post on One Gent's Ten.  I'm very excited!  Go check it out.

One Gent's Ten

I really want to hear your comments!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How it all started....

I know I havent done any swatches yet, those are coming soon I promise.

I have been intrigued by nail polish pretty much as long as I can remember.  I have always thought that nail polish makes women's feet look great. However, since nail polish was for girls I could never use it.   I was always afraid it would make me look gay or what others would think about me for wearing nail polish.  I realized a few weeks ago that was the dumbest thing ever.

Nail polish does NOT make you gay.  Nail polish is just that polish, paint, lacquer....  Nothing more.

I figured I would share my experience for other guys that are on the fence.

1. I decided it was time to stop biting my fingernails. I spent my whole life chewing my nails, and figured that they would look like crap painted.  This was a hard habit to break.  I bought a nail product to help me.  Hoof Hands Stop the Bite.  It is a clear "polish" that once it dries and you bite it, tastes like SHIT.  I only needed this for a couple of days.  My nails started growing and taste made me stop.


I searched men wearing polish on google and read hundreds of posts.  I saw that many many many men did this and that many women think its pretty cool that a guy takes care of his hands or feet and wears polish.  Just think if you have a girlfriend or wife that really like nail polish, I bet she will enjoy that you like it and have something in common.  I could be wrong, but from what I've read this seems pretty valid.

I then started looking for nail salons near me that catered to men.  I figured if they cater to men, then I wouldn't have to feel awkward about going in.  Guess what I found....  ALL salons cater to men.  I found a nice one near me and went.  Yeah, I was nervous but I made this decision, the worst part is taking the first step.

3. Baby steps...

I didn't want go to far to fast.  I started with a pedicure.  Which I must say is the best thing every!!!  its so relaxing.  I asked the nail tech to paint my nails, and without a second look she asked me what I wanted.  I got a shiny silver color that matched my truck.  A few women at the salon gave me kudos for doing it.  This was a hug confidence boost.

After my pedicure I went a couple of places and no one said a thing.  I knew I would be getting to the point where I would also be painting my finger nails and that means people would see.  So I started hinting about this obsession in different places.  I started telling a few friends and didn't get negative comments. A few were encouraging.  One loaned me a polish for my fingernails and another joined me at the salon for my second pedicure and first manicure so I could paint my fingernails.  This has been a great few weeks.

Guys, if you want to ear nail polish.  DO IT!  Don't be scared, and don't worry what others may think.  In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter any.  Well, it matters when they are positive. :)

Lastly, I suggest immersing yourself into this.  It is awesome. Visit the blog links I follow, I will be adding more of those.  Join my blog, follow on twitter.    I have met some amazing women and a few guys and this is the best thing I have done in a while.

My next post will have swatches.  I promise.  I would love to hear from you please leave comments.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello, Welcome to my Blog.

I decided that I should start a nail blog.  Why you ask?

Because nail polish isn't just for girls anymore. It's for men!  

I am going to use this blog to help the show that nail polish is not just for girls.  Wearing nail polish doesn't make you gay.  Im sick of that stereotype.  I recently decided that I was no longer going to let what others feel I should or shouldn't wear on my fingers or toes stop me from having fun.

I publicly wear nail polish.  So what!  So do many other men.  Granted most won't wear anything but clear polish, but there are many famous men that do it, and they aren't labeled gay.  

I look to add pictures as I grow my nail polish collection.  I enjoy getting pedicures and manicures.

I'm 31 and I live in Texas.  I like watching movies, playing video games, and driving my truck.  I like to think I'm funny, at least I laugh at my own jokes.  A lot of my friends think I'm weird because I dig nail polish.  Some of my female friends have encouraged it.

Visit the blogs I follow, they are pretty awesome.

If your looking the best nail mail nail blogger out there visit One Gents Ten  His blog is the inspiration to get me to get outside the box and paint my nails and be proud of it.

I want to give a shout out to Lindsey from Nails 4 Dummies.  She helped come up with the name.

I ask that if this intrigues I ask that you that you stay.  Please post comments, or questions I look forward to hearing from you.

Here are a few pics....