Monday, October 29, 2012

Holy Nail Mail Batman!!!

Hello Ladies and Gents-

I thought I would share my slowly growing stash.

These are all of my polishes.  I am at 25 bottles of polish, this is very small compared to most, but this is only at about a month and a half. You can find my spreadsheet here My Stash.

Here is a pic:

Now, onto the real reason for this post.  I have officially experienced my first and second nail mail. Receiving these packages BLEW me away.

This first pic is of some polishes that Amanda from The Nail Polish Enthusiast sent to me.

This was my first nail mail.  I was overwhelmed.  I knew the package was coming. Amanda is having a blog sale, which you should go check out, so I ordered some polishes, and this amazing woman sent me surprises.  It choked me up so bad.  I damn near cried.  I had a lump in my throat for probably an hour and fought back tears.  I was excited and happy and touched by the thoughtfulness Amanda put into this nail mail.

The colors:
China Glaze Blue Year's Eve
Amour Black Glitter
Loreal VIP Status
Zoya Breezi
Love and Beauty Light Grey
Zoya Loredana Matte

If you haven't seen Amanda's blog, go check it out.  Her swatches are great, and they inspire me to paint my nails better.  She is the reason I now have glitter obsession.  She is one hell of a nice chick!

This next pic are some polishes that Mary from My Numerous Diversions sent to me.

This was my second nail mail and I was just as excited to receive this one.  When I picked the package up from the post office, I was giddie because this package was a complete surprise to what was going to be in it.

When I opened this package in my truck at the post office, I cried, hard.  Call it happiness, being excited, I was touched.  Mary sent me candy and lots of polish and yes, that is a holo in the middle there.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know I really dig holos and this was my first one.

The colors:
Gosh Holographic Hero
Gosh Galaxy
Joe Freshes:
Sweet Tart

I dont want to come across as bragging, but these two amazing women, along with the countless others I have met in the nail polish community have made my freaking year!

Guys, don't be scared to paint your nails and show people or be scared to meet others that love nail polish.  This has been the best experience of my life.

Until my next post, I will be wearing GLITTER!



  1. You're too sweet! I'm so glad you enjoyed my package <3

  2. Wes, you are such a sweet human being. I am so pleased that you enjoyed what I sent to you!

  3. Hey Wes, your love for all thing polish is so touching - and you are so excited about the nail mail - so sweet. Do you feel like Christmas came early this year? Looking at your stash list it's obvious you have a love for darker vampy colours - I would love to send you some from Oz to add to the collection))

    1. Natalsie, I did feel like it was Christmas, but like it was when I was little. I do love the darker colors. I would gladly give your polish a new home. My email is if you would like to email me. And welcome to my blog!

  4. To the both of you... This is probably to the point of annoying, but you both are great! You've accepted me into the group without even thinking twice. I love you both for being so nice to me, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you both

  5. I am thunderstruck to see your stash is without ManGlaze! You gotta getcha some! :-)

    Oh, and I really enjoyed Amanda's comment above... You enjoyed her 'package'... Pure awesomeness to hear a gal say that to a guy. :-)

  6. I wish i had a google doc of my stash... hah that's a dream of mine one day to do it. My advice is to keep track of the one you have because it's so much harder to go back and do with when you have 2,000 plus bottles... have fun!!