Sunday, October 21, 2012

How about an accent?

Two posts in two days!!!  

I have always like accents.  I dig Irish and Australian accents the most!  So awesome!

If I could meet a woman that had one of these accents = SWOON!

But todays post isn't about accents as in speaking accents, it's about nail accents.  I have spent so many hours looking at pics on blogs, Twitter and Pinterest.  My new nail obsession is accent nails.  They look so cool.   

Before you say only girls do that, stop!  Dudes can rock the accent nail as well.  Check the swatches!

Pardon my terrible polish skills. I'm learning. 

The grey is China Glaze Stone Cold.  It is a pretty awesome shimmery matte polish.  The red is Revlon Red, same color I'm wearing on my toes.  Let me know what you think.

You should try this, I bet you get nothing but positive comments!



  1. Revlon Red is my favourite red! It's gorgeous. I love accent nails too, I have a glitter accent right now! Yay for Irish accents! ;-)

  2. I have to get some glitter. I think glitter on the red with this matte polish would look pretty awesome

  3. Love it! The accent nail in that bright shade is VERY "striking" ;)

  4. Nicole that puts a smile on my face! Thanks for checking out my blog. It's been great talking on twitter

    1. It has been fun! I hope we continue to chat :) I like your totally non-pretentious attitude to wearing nail polish as a guy. My phone doesn't let me comment on blogger as my blog and I don't always like my google results being all nail polish blog comments so I can't comment very well from my phone but I'm taking some time tonight (instead of working on posts like I'd planned!) to comment on all your posts. :) Talk to you soon!