Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kitchen Sink Saturday #3

Hello!  How is everyone today?

Today is the third installment of #kitchensinksaturday.

For the 4 Saturdays in January, a few of us are going kitchen sink manis.

Amanda The Nail Polish Enthusiast
Inky Inky Whiskers Musings
Nicole Young Wild and Polished
Sarah Swishienails 
and myself

Kitchen sink saturday, was my day today, I had so much to do...  get some food, change my oil, organize my nail desk.  I now have a nail desk.  A few months ago if you would have told me that I would have a nail desk and about 180 polishes before February, I probably would have laughed at you....  Now, not so much.  I need a helmer or a melmer and I am doing swaps, and buying tons of nail polish.  I guess you could say like a good little nail polish addict?!? 

I am really trying to make myself blog more.  I think having the desk will make it so.  I will be getting a light box soon too, so my pics wont suck as much. 


My thumb isn't shown because I was having lots of issues today.  I haven't been moisturizing as much as I should nor using my cuticle oil as much either.....  BAD!  I know.  I apologize for the horrible looking nails too.  I had a few breaks this week to so I had to file them down.

Pointer = KB Shimmer News Print

Middle = Santee Nail Polish Beach Blue with J.Indie Nails G code on top

Ring = China Glaze Naked with Ulta quake top coat (crackle)

Pinkie = Santee Nail Polish Aqua with Glimmer by Erica Beneath the Blue

Please check out the other manis in the group, I promise they are better than mine.



  1. I like them, Wes. And your choice of toppers too! Hopefully you don't have any more breaks! Can we promise together to moisterize more and be good polish addicts and use our cuticle oils/balms like we should? If you remind me, I'll remind you. :0) I also need to blog more as well. :)

  2. Well done, Dahling! <3 Will we get to see pics of your new nail desk once you get it set up the way you like it?

  3. Sounds like you've been busy busy! I'll tell you what, something simple as a light box really makes a big difference in photos, not only do you have proper lighting, but they come out looking professional. Show us your nail desk! :P

  4. I just stumbled across your blog, love it!!

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