Monday, December 24, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge #11 - Tinsel

And then there was 1...

Today is #11, Tinsel.

You know I didn't even know what tinsel was until I Googled it.

I've always known it as garland...

I know this is a nail art challenge, and when you see today's mani, I didn't put a lot of art into it.  But I think I got the tinsel on a Christmas tree down...

The pics dark, because my phone is messed up and no matter how much light and flash I use it sucks. 

I am wearing:

Finger Paints Avant Garde Green
Lac-Attack Forever Rydell
Zoya Electra

To me they look like a decorated Christmas tree with silver tinsel

I have gotten lots of comments about how festive it looked.


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